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Overview of DRaaS with Veeam

Secure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for Veeam has a range of features that allow you to easily manage and protect your production environment and access reporting and security capabilities through Veeam.

Secure DRaaS for Veeam from Virtual Systems includes:

  • Centralized replicated VM workload management
  • Console-level access to replicated VM workloads
  • Utilization and usage charts of site and VM performance
  • Support for full or partial site failover with both test and live functionality
  • Advanced software-defined networking via VMware NSX
  • Real-time stats and reports on usage billing
  • Advanced security features, such as intrusion detection and vulnerability, malware and virus scanning.

See articles listed on the left for how-tos on setup, configuration, and use of Secure DRaaS for Veeam, as well as knowledge base articles on BaaS and M365 backup from Virtual Systems.