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Using the Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 Restore Portal

Restore emails, OneDrive documents, and SharePoint data with the Self Service Restore Portal.

1. In a web browser, go to https://restoreportal.vsystems.com, type in your Microsoft 365 username, and click Log In.

2. Once logged in, click on Click on You in the top left corner.

3. This will bring up the Specify Scope window where you can select the user, site, or team that you want to restore data from. Once you have selected the user, site, or team, click Select.

 4. Now, click on Select Restore Point... and select the date from the calendar you want to restore data from. If there are multiple restore points on the selected date, you can select the desired restore point from the restore point pane on the right. Once you have selected the desired restore point, click Apply.

5. The Restore Point is loaded and after a few seconds, you will see the data that is available to be restored in the left pane.

6. Expand the items in the browser on the left column to find the item you want to restore. You can also use the Search bar to search for items. Once you have found the item, check the box next to the item(s) and click Restore or Add to Restore List. The Restore List is like a shopping cart where you can find items in multiple folders to restore all at once.

7. On the Items page, confirm all the items to restore a re shown and click Next.

8. On the Restore mode page, you can either select Restore to the original location or Restore to a new location by entering the location in the field. The Advanced options let you choose to Restore changed items, Restore missing items, and Mark restored items as unread. Once the desired selections are made, click Next.


9. On the Reason page, enter the reason for the restore and click Next.

10. On the Summary page, confirm the information displayed is correct and click Finish.

11. It will process the restore and redirect you to the Restore Sessions tab. Once the restore completes, you should see Success.